Services & Price Guide

Funeral service prices are made up of the following:

Professional Service Fees Offered by the Funeral Director

These include for example all of the administration and collection of paperwork, liaison with third party providers, the care of the Deceased and all other services provided by the funeral director.

Disbursement Fees

Such as the Crematorium or Cemetery fees, the services of the funeral officiant, doctors’ fees for the signing of the Cremation paperwork, newspaper notices, florist fees and other services provided by third parties.

All of the fees will be advised at the time of the arrangement, and a written Estimate of Funeral Charges will be provided. The disbursement fees would be required within 48 hours of the arrangement as a deposit, with the final invoice issued after the service. The invoice may be sent directly to a bank or solicitor on agreement.

You may be eligible for help with the costs of the funeral- the DWP will be able to assist you with any enquiries.

Please contact us for a copy of the Professional Service Fees and other prices, or see our Complete Price Options and Direct Cremation Service for prices and information.

Eden funeral directors looked after my Dads funeral arrangements. Rob and Heidi were fantastic from start to finish. They took care of every detail, making sure we relieved exactly what my Dad and us wanted. On the day they were very smart and professional but still personal towards us which was lovely. We didn’t see them as funeral directors, we saw them as our friends. We cannot recommend them enough. They are a faultless, genuine, kind, caring couple and we are so glad that we found them because they made a hard thing bearable. Thank you Heidi and Rob. You are amazing! Myself and Beckie will genuinely miss you and my Dad would of felt the same x

Sophie N