At Eden Funeral Directors, we believe that funeral prices should be straight forward and honest. Our funeral prices for individual pricing and/or bespoke services are available on request and a complete estimate would be given to you at the time of making the arrangements, however; we have shown an example of a ‘complete priced’ option (Daisy) that includes both our service prices and the listed disbursement fees (service fees charged by other providers, such as the crematorium fees).

These options are for cremations at Bournemouth (the difference will be charged for services at other crematoriums). Please do contact us for information on prices for a burial, as the fees charged by different councils and churches vary.

Daisy Option £4047

The Daisy Option includes the following services: (Usual services charges are shown in brackets)

  • Professional services, completion of paperwork, and advice (£1200)

  • Bringing the Deceased into our care (an additional charge of £200 between the hours of 10pm and 8am will apply)

  • Care of the Deceased and the use of the private chapel (out of office hours by appointment) (£600)
  • Provision of a hearse and all funeral personnel (£650) Additional fees apply for a silver fleet

  • Crematorium fees as specified above (variable-as an example Bournemouth Crematorium is £783)

  • Doctors’ fees where applicable (£82 x 2 at present)
  • Officiant’s fees (variable- £250 on average) Where charged by the officiant,additional travel fees may be applied

  • Wood effect (oak) coffin
  • The hearse will leave from an address of your choice (additional mileage will apply beyond 20 miles of the funeral home)
  • A family limousine may be added at an additional charge

Simple Funeral Option £3750

In accordance with industry Codes of Practices, we also offer a Simple Funeral Option. This includes the same disbursements and services as listed above and is £3750.00 but the following applies:

  • The date and time of the funeral to be specified by the funeral director
  • Hearse direct to the crematorium
  • A simple coffin
  • Embalming services may also be added at your request (additional cost of £115 will apply)

The Simple Funeral Package can be used for either cremation or burial, but no other upgrades or additions are available with this package.