For many reasons, it may be the wishes of the Deceased or their family that there is no funeral service before the cremation, or times when the service is completely unattended, with no family, friends or officiant of any denomination. In keeping with this, crematoriums and funeral directors now include in their services the option of a ‘Direct Cremation’, which means that there is no funeral service or use of the crematorium chapel before the cremation takes place.

Whilst our care of the Deceased, attention to the client or our attendance at the funeral is not altered in any way, there are some considerations to the Direct Cremation Service to help you decide if this is the funeral service you would choose:

  • The funeral director will be given a time for the service by the crematorium – we are unable to book a specific time to the client’s requirements.
  • The chapel will not be available for mourners – you will be very welcome to come to the crematorium if you wish to at the time of the service, but it will not be possible to enter the chapel.
  • The Deceased will be taken to the crematorium in a suitable funeral vehicle, which may not be a hearse.

Direct Cremation Service Includes:

  • Professional services – all administration, assistance with paperwork, liaison with hospital, doctors, Coroner, crematorium and all aspects of the funeral arrangements.

  • Transfer and care of the Deceased– As members of the NAFD and SAIF, the Deceased will rest at our fully accredited premises in our Chapel of Rest

  • Provision of a lined coffin and a white gown.

  • Funeral staff and vehicles on the day of the funeral.

  • Crematorium Fees

  • Doctors’ fees where applicable

Ashes will be returned to the family in the Crematorium Casket

The cost of the Purely Cremation Service (Direct Cremation only) is £900 including doctors’ fees where required (currently £82 x 2) We respectfully ask that payment is made at least 24 hours before the funeral service takes place.

The Purely Cremation Service (Direct Cremation only) represents the wishes of the Deceased or family, without compromising on any aspect of respect, dignity, or our care.